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The Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo offers instruction in authentic Ninjutsu / Ninpo Budo Taijutsu, and is the oldest Ninjutsu school in the Western Hemisphere. This is a unique and fascinating martial art that offers a wide variety of benefits and rewards.

The Atlanta dojo has a long-standing legacy of quality instruction, along with a positive training environment that fosters camaraderie as well as individual growth for men and women. In addition to the regularly scheduled classes there are periodic workshops, seminars and other activities held throughout the year.

Training is available for both beginners and experienced students, 18 years of age or over. The dojo is located in Atlanta, Georgia, near the intersection of I-285 and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

If you are interested in training at the Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo, please complete the application questionnaire. We look forward to hearing from you.