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Bujinkan Links

Bujinkan Organization
The official website of the Bujinkan organization
TaiKai USA
America’s continuation of the annual Bujinkan training event begun by Dr. Hatsumi
Heart, Sword, Perseverance
Documentary on the art of ninjutsu, addressing myths, stereotypes and rumors vs. the real history of the ninja
Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo
Our Facebook page
Southeastern USA Bujinkan
Facebook page
Kutaki no Mura
An online Bujinkan community
The blog of Doug Wilson, who lives and trains in Japan (Henka en Español)
Shugyo, Budo for Life
The blog of Duncan Stewart, who lives and trains in Japan
Warrior Information Network

Training Gear

Tengu Weapons
Training DVDs direct from Japan

Other Links

Annual event focused on Japanese culture and friendship, drawing nearly 20,000 people. This event is organized by JapanFest, Inc, the Japan-America Society, and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce.
Atlanta Bujinkan Dojo Mannequin Challenge
The dojo having a little fun.